Freshly made 100% pure-quality Nolen Gur (Khejur Gur / Wild Date Palm Syrup / Jaggery), a delicacy rarely available in pure form these days, is being produced at Nadia District in West Bengal. This worthy competitor of the high quality “maple syrups” in the global market passes “d13C” (isotope ratio analysis) confirming 100% purity as Khejur Gur.

Derived from the sugary sap of sugar palms (Palmyrah Palm, Wild date palm, coconut palm, Sago-Palm, Argena Palm etc.) these are rich in minerals, vitamin load and have very low levels of glucose-fructose and low glycemic index owing to the presence of compounds that inhibit absorption of sugar in the blood. Raw sugar from Palmyrah palm is the only plant source of vitamin B12 and is nutraceutical, which finds extensive use in Siddha, Ayurveda system of medicine. Palm sugar is also free from bone charcoal and ideal for offering in worship.

Contact: Mr. Arun Pandey: (0) 9550305460


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